Agreement for Airside Operations at Luxembourg Airport

With the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) certification in 2017, a cooperation agreement was made between Lux-Airport and Administration de la Navigation Aérienne (ANA) to align their activities at the airport, but also to set a basis for a joint evolution thereof. Now, 5 years later, the EASA regulatory requirements have become more demanding, the capabilities of both partners have developed and the initial agreement has become outdated meaning, a re-focus based on the actual activities and people involved was required.

©ANA EASA Meeting
(from left to right) Thierry Faber (Deputy Director ANA), Claudio Clori (Director ANA), Tom Goris (Director of Operations Lux-Airport), Alexander Flassak (CEO Lux-Airport)


The signing of the new cooperation agreement this week is hence an important milestone for both partners as well as for the airport. This new agreement reconfirms the joint commitment and gives a common roadmap for the further collaboration, especially related to the safeguarding of the maneuvering area as well as to the maintenance of the aerodrome ground lighting systems thereon.
Practically, a closer collaboration will be built between the inspection teams of ANA and lux-Airport, working towards a joint inspection team. This team will be working on the same procedures, receive the same training and will share their knowledge and know-how. For the AGL, the ELE-teams will continue to perform the maintenance on the manoeuvring area and will continue to work in close cooperation with Lux-Airport.

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