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  1. ANSCB.29 Meeting on July 2nd in Paris On July 2, 2024, the ANA participated in Paris at the ANSCB.29 FABEC Meeting to discuss the future of European

  2. Annual report 2022 We are delighted to share with you the annual report for the year 2022, signifying another significant chapter in the advancement

  3. ANA Environmental Statement 2023 The year 2022 has marked a significant step forward in addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable

  4. Have you ever wondered how much CO2 is generated in various scenarios? We did some research and found that the amount of CO2 generated can vary significantly depending on the situation.

  5. We are delighted to present our annual report 2021, a comprehensive document that serves as a window into our administration's achievements, progress, and future aspirations.

  6. On March 21th, the CEOs of FABEC ANSP and their military counterparts met at the LVNL headquarters in Amsterdam.

  7. We are pleased to announce the publication, in collaboration with colleagues from Skeyes, NATS, Eurocontrol, MUAC, FABEC, Canso, DFS, Crocontrol, EASA, Austro Control, Borealis Alliance, ENAV, of two reports relevant to all air navigation service providers looking to increase their sustainability!

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