FABEC ASB (#101) meeting 05 December 2023

The last FABEC ASB (#101) meeting took place on 05 December 2023 at the Belgian Ministry of Transportation with an important agenda to finish off a one-year period of hard work.

One major aim of the meeting was to finally adopt four deliverables produced under the ASB Chairmanship of the Administration of air navigation by the ASB and the Core Group of strategic advisors of ANSP CEOs as starting points in 2024 for a new era in FABEC:

  • The new FABEC ANSP Strategy 2024+ is a leading document that outlines the strategic direction of FABEC in future. It explains in clear words the reasons and the purpose of a new strategic way forward for FABEC to remain fit for purpose and add value to all our stakeholders.
  • The high-level Objectives and Priorities to be pursued in 2024: they show the common will and commitment of FABEC ANSPs to deliver results that give answers to the strategic directions of the new Strategy 2.
  • New FABEC ANSP Working Arrangements: from the FABEC CEO Board, the new name of the current ASB, and the newly established ANSP Advisory Group (AAG), a new Standing Committee “Sustainable Airspace Operations”, the new FABEC ANSP Office (FAO) and its setup and finally a “Pool of Experts” that replaces the current Task Forces
  • Finally, a “top-down” Workplan for 2024 was presented and agreed that now will be worked out in “bottom up” projects and initiatives by our new working arrangements.

These and other key results were achieved under the Presidency of the State of Belgium and the ANSP Chairmanship of the Administration of air navigation.

Chairman Claudio Clori thanked the CG, his fellow colleagues and State representatives for the good, fruitful and promising work done in 2023 in good cooperation "We are now looking forward to continue the work in 2024 together in FABEC with clear objectives, in a new setup and with fresh energy.", his words were echoed by the Chair of the ANSCB, Pieter Verstreken (BE).


FABEC ASB (#101) 05 Dec 2023
FABEC ASB (#101) 05 Dec 2023

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