FABEC States User Consultation 30.6.2023

Representatives of Airspace Users, FABEC States (BE MoT), FABEC States bureau and FABEC ASB Chair 2023 (ANA Luxembourg), met on June 30th in Brussels for the annual Airspace User Consultation with the aim of having an open and structured dialogue about current and future challenges faced by the Air navigation industry.

This meaningful meeting was the occasion to discuss a range of topics from resilience, performance plans (RP3), ATCO mobility and training, the necessity to learn more on the working methods of each stakeholder and the need to work together to achieve a common goal (e.g. Green Deal).

©ANA FABEC States User Consultation
FABEC States User Consultation
(from left to right) Alfred Gulder, Claudio Clori, Thierry Hirtz, Nathalie Dejace, Eric Chambroy, Mélissa Capizzi, Francois Xavier Prach, Rory Sergison, Nadine Meesen, Pieter Verstreken, Achim Baumann, Thomas Hellbach.

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