Belgocontrol and ANA Lux further expand their collaboration

Both Belgian and Luxembourg air navigation service providers are very satisfied about the intense collaboration they started after concluding an agreement in 2017. They confirm that mutual trust by deepening and expanding that collaboration. Four new domains have been added to the original Memorandum of Understanding.

Johan Decuyper, Belgocontrol CEO and Claudio Clori, ANA Lux Director, at the signing of the new agreement


New domains

The various Belgocontrol and ANA Lux experts shall soon start practical initiatives in every domain of the expansion. The following subjects will be included:

  • Safety will be expanded to Safety & Compliance. Both organisations will join forces to comply with the current and future international regulations in that field;
  • the training needs of both partners shall be identified. The new Entry Point North Belgium joint venture shall offer a solution here;
  • drones and how to integrate them safely into the airspace are a major challenge for air traffic control centres. Belgocontrol and ANA Lux shall follow up developments in Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management and examine collaboration opportunities on this subject;
  • because of the proximity of the Belgian and Luxembourg airspace and because Belgocontrol manages part of the Luxembourg airspace, both air navigation service providers share their knowledge and experience in the field of risk management. Both companies work within the same standard reference framework (ISO31000) and have aligned their risk management models. That simplifies the task of making common risk assessments and enables a smoother mutual operational collaboration.

Building on a solid foundation

The existing areas of collaboration also continue to take shape. In order to further reduce the environmental impacts of the Luxembourg airport activities, Belgocontrol and ANA Lux collaborate in terms of CDO (Continuous Descent Operations). In that context, data are collected for every flight profile so as to further decrease noise hindrance and fuel consumption.

Various PBN procedures (Performance Based Navigation) for Luxembourg Airport are applied. The approach procedures for  both runways and their connections to the route network can be flown based on satellite navigation. That not only boosts safety, but also increases accuracy and reliability of service provision.

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