ANSCB.29 Meeting on July 2nd in Paris

On July 2, 2024, the ANA participated in Paris at the ANSCB.29 FABEC Meeting to discuss the future of European air traffic management.

Meeting ANSCB.29
Meeting ANSCB.29


Key themes included advancing Single European Sky 2+ (SES2) and preparing the FABEC Performance Plan for RP4, with targets in safety, en-route capacity, and sustainability. The draft RP4 plan faced challenges due to capacity demands and the need for investment in new systems and staffing.

InterFAB coordination and the importance of a common performance plan were also major topics, highlighting the need for continued FABEC cooperation. Social dialogue updates emphasized addressing workforce concerns and maintaining constructive stakeholder communication.

Additionally, both States and ANSPs emphasized the importance of a unified performance plan to enhance FABEC cooperation for the benefit of airspace users.

Overall, the meeting reinforced our commitment to advancing initiatives that will shape the future of European airspace.

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