Eurocontrol supports ANA for the future concepts of operation

On Wednesday, April 10th, Eurocontrol demonstrated its commitment to fostering collaborative efforts by engaging in discussions with the ANA regarding the assessment of future operational concepts.

©ANA meeting eurocontrol 10-04-24
(from left to right) Claude Schmit, Pit Probst, Claudio Clori, Tzvetomir Blajev, Ols Hani, Claude Blasius, Thierry Hirtz


Present at this meeting were representatives from Eurocontrol, including Tzvetomir BLAJEV and Ols HANI, who engaged in constructive dialogue with ANA's Director, Claudio CLORI. The session concluded with a comprehensive tour of ANA's control tower, providing Eurocontrol experts with valuable insights into the operational environment.

Notably, Tzvetomir BLAJEV, in addition to his role at Eurocontrol, serves as the Director of Europe and Global Operational Safety at the Flight Safety Foundation, further underscoring the depth of expertise and collaboration fostered by this partnership.

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